Unified People's Federal Credit Union
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Welcome to Unified People's Federal Credit Union’s home on the internet. We’ve designed this website to help our Members and others learn more about UPFCU and their own finances.



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Board / Staff

Board of Directors
Linda Lovato, Chair
Jeanne Norman, Vice Chair
Annette Spitsbergen, Secretary
Bill Arnold
Linda Oster
Tom Rudolph
Connie Tibbetts

Supervisory Committee
Bill Arnold
Arthur G. Crane, II
Steve Harrington

Camille Shillenn, President - NMLS 644686
Deb Trott, Vice President - NMLS 644670
Cathy LeMesurier, Collections/Transmissions Leader
Lora Sandoval, ACH/Drafts/Cards
Christine Cronin, Lending Services Officer - NMLS 748146
Amy Hernandez, Lending Services Officer - NMLS 644672
Roxanne Martinez, Lending Services Representative
Fay Hauff, Member Services Supervisor
Kelly Chambers, Member Services
Adrienne Moyte, Member Services
Sophia Teniente, Member Services
Lisa Troy, Member Services