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Welcome to Unified People's Federal Credit Union’s home on the internet. We’ve designed this website to help our Members and others learn more about UPFCU and their own finances.



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Loyalty Rewards

To encourage our Members to do all their banking at Unified People's Federal Credit Union, we offer the Loyalty Rewards Program.

For using UPFCU Products and Services, Members are rewarded with loan interest rate reductions to a maximum of 1%.

Product or Service

Reduction in Loan Interest Rate

Have an Active Share Draft (Checking) Account


Be a Member for 5+ years


Have an existing loan product at the credit union (other than a VISA Credit Card)


Have Direct Deposit or UPRR Payroll


Have a UPFCU VISA Credit Card


Borrow 80% LTV or less on a collateralized loan


Loyalty Rewards DO NOT APPLY to first mortgages, HELOCS, VISA Credit Cards, share-secured loans or certificate-secured loans.


Effective 1/1/2009, you can earn $25 for referring a new Member to Unified People's Federal Credit Union! Complete a Referral Card and send it in with a friend, family member or co-worker when they open a new account at UPFCU. The $25 Referral Reward will be deposited in your account after the new account is active (i.e., not used just for check cashing) for six months.