UP Checking Accounts

Free UP your money with NO monthly fees or service charges, NO limits on check writing, and NO minimum balance requirement! We offer FREE Visa Debit Cards, overdraft protection for a little extra peace of mind, AND pay interest on accounts with a $500.00 minimum balance.

While we LOVE to see your face on the regular, we know your schedule isn't always flexible. Setting up Direct Deposit to your UP Checking is a great way to save time, and know that your money is where it should be, when it should be.

UPgrade Opportunity: With active Checking accounts, you can earn an extra 0.25% in loan discounts! Earn an additional 0.25% in loan discounts by having Direct Deposit!

Savings Accounts

Basic Savings
Save UP hassle–free with NO monthly charges or minimum balance requirements! Set UP your savings account deposits via Direct Deposit or Automatic Transfer and make saving EASY. Share accounts with a $100.00 minimum balance earn quarterly dividends, and who doesn't like dividends?

"Name Your Own" Account
Saving UP with a purpose? Destination wedding, dream vacation, new car, putting kids through college–whatever the goal may be, go from goal to REALITY with a secondary share account. NO minimum initial deposit, NO monthly charges. Earn quarterly dividends with a $100.00 minimum balance. Dream big – we're here to help!

Christmas Club Savings Accounts
How does holiday spending sneak up on EVERYONE? Break the chain and steer clear of unnecessary holiday debt with a Christmas Club Savings Account! NoNO minimum initial deposit, NO monthly fees or service charges, and NO minimum balance required to earn dividends. Deposit all year long and reap the rewards come the first week of November; just in time to hit the sales.



Kids Club Savings Account
Create a conscious saver, and teach your child how to make their hard–earned money GROW!

Kids' Club Accounts can be opened for children from birth to age 14, with NO minimum balance to earn dividends. Dividends are paid quarterly, and when Kids' Club members turn 14, the account is automatically converted to a Basic Share Account. Parents are able to open Kids' Club Accounts for their children, as can Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Godparents. Don't miss an easy opportunity to teach the children in your life financial responsibility–they'll thank you for it.

Money Market Account
At UPFCU, we offer a competitive Money Market Account that earns you higher dividends, while still allowing you to access your money when you need to. The more you save, the more you earn. It's all about YOU. Nice, right?

To earn dividends, the account must maintain a $2500.00 minimum balance. Dividends are tiered, and current rates can be found by clicking the "Rates" tab, located under "Save UP".


UPFCU offers both IRA Savings Accounts and IRA Certificates. Your IRA Savings Account has NO minimum initial deposit, and NO withdrawal penalty.

IRA Certificates require a $1,000.00 initial deposit, with terms ranging from three months to five years.

UPFCU members benefit from IRA's, as in many cases the earnings on IRA's are tax–deferred, tax deductible, or tax exempt. Call today to learn more, and see what works best for you.

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